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What It's Like When Mom Has ADHD

I was interviewed by Sheryl Gould for her Moms of Tweens and Teens podcast.

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Top Neurodivergent Influencers To Follow On TikTok

I was featured in this article in Net Influencer.

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ADHD & Binge Eating

I was interviewed by Yakini Pierce for her ADHD Love 2020
Youtube channel.


Episode 13
of Two Addys

I was a guest on the podcast Two Addys and a Coffee, Please.


It might be a bad idea to go on a diet

Katy Weber was 14 when she tried dieting for the first time, swilling a SlimFast to combat her new curves.

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Healthy Hudson Valley

I wrote an article entitled "How Girls on the Run changed my life" for Healthy Hudson Valley in the October 2016 Healthy Body & Mind issue.


Katy Weber: Building a community for women with ADHD

I was featured in this profile in Net Influencer.

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What I Wish People Knew About
Gender and ADHD

I was interviewed for this article in PsychCentral.


Episode 75
of ADHD Is Over

I was a guest on the podcast ADHD Is Over.

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Her Late ADHD Diagnosis Journey

I was interviewed by Yakini Pierce for her ADHD Love 2020
Youtube channel.


The Current

Critics warn Weight Watchers' free teen membership could lead to eating disorders.


Katy Weber & Jules Edwards

Jules & I were guests on the Empowered Authenticity podcast.


The 'ADHD Midwife'

I was interviewed by Catherine Avery for her Uncluttered Office podcast.

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FB Live interview with Lafaya Mitchell

A 30-min interview on FB with Lafaya Mitchell on ADHD in girls & women and binge eating.


Should teens join Weight Watchers?

Weight Watchers is targeting teens with a free program. Some say it could help the youth-obesity epidemic, but others worry it could contribute to lifelong eating disorders.

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BlueStone Press

Review of Worth It: A Journey to Food & Body Freedom in the Oct. 20, 2017, issue of BlueStone Press.

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