$34.99 USD

Hey, it's ADHD!

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned about ADHD since my diagnosis and gathered it into a concise, easy to access, self-guided and self-paced course so you can feel like you have all you need at your fingertips!

What you'll get:

  • ADHD 101: What even is ADHD? What is neurodivergence? Why is ADHD commonly overlooked in women and girls?

  • "Wait, that's ADHD, too?" interactive self-discovery checklist

  • "Women & ADHD Unofficial Self-Test" interactive self-assessment, featuring more than 60 questions for exploration

  • Your ADHD Treatment Plan, Part 1: Seeking a Diagnosis: Where do I start? Do I even need a diagnosis? Who can diagnose me?

  • "What to bring to your first appointment" interactive & printable checklist​

  • Your ADHD Treatment Plan, Part 2: What next?

  • "My ADHD Treatment Plan" interactive & printable worksheet

  • "7 Stages of Your ADHD Adult Diagnosis" interactive quiz​