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Welcome to Women & ADHD, LLC, an education & advocacy hub for adults who have been diagnosed with ADHD and identify as women or were socialized as girls.
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"5 Things to Bring to Your ADHD Appointment"

Looking for help with your ADHD?

We've made it our mission to help neurodivergent women like you learn to love your brain and live a more fulfilling, gratifying life!
Below are some options for coaching & community. Please reach out — we'd love to support you on this journey!

ADHD Strategy Session

1-on-1 consultation

Want to discuss your unique ADHD journey & next steps with Katy? Schedule a one-time, 90-min deep dive & strategy session with Katy.

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The ADHD Lounge

with Katy & Alex

Join our all-in-one ADHD coaching & accountability community to help you navigate your ADHD with confidence and clarity.

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“Hey, it’s ADHD!”

self-guided course

Everything I’ve learned about ADHD in women — in one place! A self-guided, self-paced course to help you wherever you are on your ADHD journey!

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Bonus download:

"5 Things to Bring to Your ADHD Appointment"

Approaching your doctor about an ADHD diagnosis can be very nerve-wracking. What if she doesn't believe me? What if she tells me it’s something else? What if I ramble and can't get my point across? What if I forget everything we’ve talked about the minute I leave the appt?

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