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Wondering if
1-on-1 coaching with Katy is
right for you?

Katy is not currently taking any new 1:1 clients. Please join the waitlist below and we'll make sure to get in touch when she has openings again! 

In the meantime, you can always book a one-time consultation with Katy here

Have you been diagnosed with ADHD and you're overwhelmed by this new insight into how your brain operates? Are you ready to sort through the chaos and figure out your next steps?


Katy can help you explore and understand who you are through this new lens so you can finally lean into your strengths and use them to your advantage moving forward.

You’ll work together to identify your obstacles & create strategies to help you live a more fulfilling, gratifying life. 

More about Katy

Looking for a 1-on-1 exploratory conversation with Katy? No problem!

Schedule a one-time, 60-min consultation with Katy. Together, we can help you find answers to questions like:


  • How do I know if I have ADHD?

  • How do I get a diagnosis?

  • I've been diagnosed — now what?

  • What treatment plan is right for me?

  • How do I talk to my family about ADHD?

  • How do I begin to ask for accommodations?

  • What specific resources would be helpful in my unique situation?

ADHD Conversation

Small group coaching with Katy: Learn how to love your brain and live a more fulfilling, gratifying life!

If you’re ready to find connection with other ADHD women, gain clarity about how your incredible brain best operates, and get “unstuck”  — then it would be my privilege to have your back on this journey!

praise for katy

Katy is real, honest, no-nonsense and also approachable and funny. You’ll like yourself more after working with her.


Katy is a fantastic coach. She is smart, gives great advice, is compassionate and understanding. She helps me set small manageable goals to work towards my larger goals. I feel like she can relate to my concerns and challenges, and she celebrates my successes.


I cannot say enough great things about Katy! ... She saved my sanity and my health!


"Katy is a fantastic coach! I highly recommend working with her. She really helped me change my mindset."


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