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Podcast episode transcripts

Ep01_Holly Marsh_ Coping mechanisms and dumpster fires.pdf

Ep02_Katie Jaeger_ Sobriety and the power of asking for help.pdf

Ep04_Angela Sulfaro-Menconi_ Self-advocacy and zero waste living.pdf

Ep05_Barbie Haven_ Self care and setting boundaries.pdf

Ep06_Crystal Dionysopoulou_ ADHD symptoms overlooked in girls.pdf

Ep07_Tameka Allen_ Bad bosses and fierce alter egos.pdf

Ep08_Melissa Helmick_ Unsupportive doctors and emotional regulation.pdf

Ep09_Ada Sewell_ Imposter syndrome and changing your mindset.pdf

Ep10_Bri Plyler_ Hyperactivity and the importance of finding your people.pdf

Ep11_Amanda Pye_ RSD, CBT and RVs.pdf

Ep12_Alejandra Kottke_ Impulsivity and the importance of sunshine for the ADHD brain.pdf

Ep13_Emily Prokop_ Analysis paralysis and intermittent fasting.pdf

Ep14_Elizabeth Brink_ Growing up with ADHD.pdf

Ep15_Katy Weber_ Yo-yo dieting and binge eating with ADHD.pdf

Ep16_Yakini Pierce_ ADHD families and cultivating positivity.pdf

Ep17_Kate Moryoussef_ EFT tapping for ADHD, anxiety & limiting beliefs.pdf

Ep18_Taucha Post_ Yoga and Post-it® Notes.pdf

Ep19_Annabel Louise Walker_ Immaturity and working with neurodiverse children.pdf

Ep20_Maaya Hitomi_ The spectrum of neurodivergent experiences.pdf

Ep21_Kerry Mead_ It wasn't depression, it was ADHD.pdf

Ep22_ADHD Bri_ Doodling and the inattentive brain.pdf

Ep23_Marcy Solis_ Sleep deprivation and the agony of a ticking clock.pdf

Ep24_Kamden Hainsworth_ Living your best ADHD life.pdf

Ep25_Liz Cordeiro_ Substance abuse & negative self-image with ADHD.pdf

Ep26_Rachel Morgan-Trimmer_ ADHD symptoms in perimenopause.pdf

Ep27_Rebecca Del Pozo_Thriving as a business owner with ADHD.pdf

Ep28_Lisa Piana_ Decluttering our ADHD brains.pdf

Ep29_Anna Lopez_ Do we need a medical diagnosis.pdf

Ep30_Patricia Sung_ Chaotic good in motherhood & ADHD.pdf

Ep31_Karen Broda_ Fitness, overwhelm & tiny homes.pdf

Ep32_Sophie Gray_ Rethinking our mental wellness journey.pdf

Ep33_Jess Keogh_ The trouble with relaxation.pdf

Ep34_Dr. Lola Day_ Is ADHD really a superpower.pdf

Ep35_Eir Atla_ Herbs for ADHD and the joys of being a nomad.pdf

Ep36_Allie Sobool_ Radical rest and listening to our body's wisdom.pdf

Ep37_Rihanna Teixeira_Eating disorder recovery and ADHD.pdf

Ep38_Nelly Lin and Juno Lee_ Destigmatizing ADHD & mental health.pdf

Ep39_Danielle Meitiv_ Hashimoto's & thyroid health.pdf

Ep40_Lindsay Fleming_ADHD & the TikTok generation.pdf

Ep41_Liz Westinghouse_Chronic burnout & the MTHFR gene.pdf

Ep42_Inger Shaye Colzie_Self-acceptance and reframing your ADHD.pdf

Ep43_Nicole DeMasi_Perfectionism, interoception & the dieting trap.pdf

Ep44_Julie Uhernik_ Coming out of the ADHD closet.pdf

Ep45_Dusty Chipura_Oversharing, boundaries & hyperactive brains.pdf

Ep46_Emily Olsen_ ADHD & feeling things deeply.pdf

Ep47_Ellie Hopley_Task paralysis & internalized negative beliefs.pdf

Ep48_Patty DeDurr_Sensory processing & spatial awareness.pdf

Ep49_Denise Brodey_ Neurodivergence in the workplace.pdf

Ep50_Lafaya Mitchell_ Hypersensitivity & moving beyond labels.pdf

Ep51_Tessa MacKay_Dyslexia, hyperrealism & neuroplasicity.pdf

Ep52_Emily Donahoe_ Theater, sexism  & working memory.pdf

Ep53_Holly Slater_ Spontaneity, intensity & 'Pure O' OCD.pdf

Ep54_Aleta Storch_Nutrition and all or nothing perfectionism.pdf

Ep55_Sydni Rubio- Insatiable curiosity & dismissive doctors.pdf

Ep56_Amy Brown_ Sports, jokes & slow processing speed.pdf

Ep57_Gloria Joy Sherrod_ Is it ADHD or something else.pdf

Ep58_Katherine Ellison_ Learning from our ADHD mistakes.pdf

Ep59_Dr. Sasha Hamdani_ Educating the masses & the benefits of TMS.pdf

Ep60_Janet Murray_ ADHD & our insatiable appetite for planners.pdf

Ep61_Samantha Absher_ Money management & borderline personality disorder.pdf

Ep62_Skye Rapson_ What is ADHD coaching.pdf

Ep63_Sari Solden_ Why ADHD is different for women.pdf

Ep64_Raegan Cotton_ Facing young adulthood with ADHD.pdf

Ep65_Dr. Sam Hiew_ Empowering girls & women with ADHD.pdf

Ep66_Karis Knight_ Hyperfocus, masking & finding our voice.pdf

Ep67_Carrington Bruton_ SPECT brain imaging & late diagnosis autism.pdf

Ep68_Alex Gilbert_ Living with the label of ADHD.pdf

Ep69_Julia Edwards_ Complex trauma, grief & competitive athletics.pdf

Ep70_Dr. Emily Anhalt_ Emotional fitness & success beyond medication.pdf

Ep71_Sivan Hong_Parenting neurodiverse children.pdf

Ep72_Elaine Taylor-Klaus_ Shifting our expectations (without lowering them).pdf

Ep73_Cate Osborn_ Sex, fruit snacks & coming as you are.pdf

Ep74_Erica Saum_ Hyperfixations & the Enneagram.pdf

Ep75_Dr. Raafia Muhammad_ Online diagnosis & treatment.pdf

Ep76_Dr. Sharon Saline_ How do we know if it's ADHD.pdf

Ep77_Chelsea Uithoven_ Cycles of productivity & the on_off switch.pdf

Ep78_Alisha Mays_ ADHD, poverty & food insecurity.pdf

Ep79_Casey-Lee Flood_ Sensory overwhelm, burnout & an adult autism diagnosis.pdf

Ep80_Dr. Loucresie Rupert_ Why ADHD gets overlooked in children of color.pdf

Ep81_Rebecca Perkins_ ADHD & demand avoidance.pdf

Ep82_KC Davis_ Self-care & keeping house with ADHD.pdf

Ep83_Catherine Avery_ Productivity, biorhythms & how to avoid burnout.pdf

Ep84_Jenna Wolfe_ Navigating the newborn years.pdf

Ep85_Tennille Boyer_ Life with a ‘Type A’ partner.pdf

Ep86_Dr. Tamara Rosier_ Navigating emotions & fighting the stigma.pdf

Ep87_Amy Marie Hann_ Mom guilt, the church & mastering the mundane.pdf

Ep88_Candin Phillips_ Grief, big feelings & the power of music.pdf

Ep89_Layla Touchet_ Teaching schools to spot signs of ADHD in girls.pdf

Ep90_Laura Key_ Anxiety, perfectionism, and ADHD “a-ha” moments.pdf

Ep91_Lisa Dos Santos_ Codependency & multipotentiality.pdf

Ep92_Sharon McCarthy_ Decoding a dual diagnosis of ADHD & autism.pdf

Ep93_Izzie Chea_ ADHD & mental health in Latino culture.pdf

Ep94_Ebony Washington_ Masking & multitasking in the TV industry.pdf

Ep95_Courtney Ruckman_ Music, memory & the myth of ‘so much potential’.pdf

Ep96_Diana Heldfond_ Online assessments & the future of empowered learning.pdf

Ep97_Kalin Johnson_ Navigating medications & developing your treatment plan.pdf

Ep98_Sarah Wheeler_ Tangents, curlicues & life lessons from a nomadic tribe.pdf

Ep99_Anne Bartolucci_ ADHD & common sleep problems.pdf

Ep100_Nancy Armstrong_ “The Disruptors” & tackling ADHD stereotypes.pdf

Ep101_Robin Buchanan_Decluttering & minimalism for ADHD brains.pdf

Ep102_Dr. Janina Elbert_ ADHD & executive functioning coaching.pdf

Ep103_Christine Syrad_ Subtitles, procrastination & fermentation.pdf

Ep104_Dr. Kellie Stecher_ Rejection sensitive dysphoria & professional burnout.pdf

Ep105_Paulina Chełstowska_ Slavic women and ADHD.pdf

Ep106_Mallory Band_ Learning when and how to ask for help.pdf

Ep107_Carolina Ramirez_ Emotional dysregulation & re-parenting our inner child.pdf

Ep108_Robin Zheng_ Performance anxiety, academia & the pressure to succeed.pdf

Ep109_Miranda Carlu_ ADHD assets in the workplace.pdf

Ep110_Meredith Carder_ Chaos closets and unlearning perfectionism.pdf

Ep111_Linda Yi_ Cooking, community, and panda cub stories.pdf

Ep112_Annie Romanos_ Underachievement, Gen X diagnosis & Aroreretini.pdf

Ep113_Marisa Gonzales_ Self-acceptance & embracing creative genius.pdf

Ep114_Trina Haynes_ Finding humor and embracing our lady ADHD.pdf

Ep115_Lauren Yuile_ ADHD & communication disorder.pdf

Ep116_JoJo Abdi_ Poetry, trauma & our sensitive wiring.pdf

Ep117_Megan Dowd_ Enneagram, entrepreneurship, and ADHD best practice.pdf

Ep118_Priyanka Patel_ Medication myths & revamping the diagnostic process.pdf

Ep119_Zoe Darazsdi_ Mental health stigma & neurodivergent self-advocacy.pdf

Ep120_Tracy Nolin Beerman_ Shiny objects, brain dumps & a vision driven life.pdf

Ep121_Abbie Cardwell_ RSD, Morning Pages & being “dialed to 11”.pdf

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