Women & ADHD, LLC, presents:

“Hey, It’s ADHD”
Self-Guided Course

When I was diagnosed with ADHD at 45, it turned my world upside down! 

It changed the way I saw my entire life — not only looking back over my past and realizing how much I had been struggling but also looking forward to my future and seeing the potential and my gifts finally working for me.  

If you're anything like me, you have a LOT of questions, you want ALL the answers as soon as possible, and all in one easy-to-access place.

That's why I built the "Hey, it's ADHD!" course! I've gathered together everything I've learned about women, ADHD and an adult diagnosis and put it into this self-guided, self-paced course for you to use (and continue to reference) throughout your ADHD journey!

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"Hey, It's ADHD!" is for you if: 

  • you're just starting to wonder if you have ADHD and you'd like some further self-exploration before seeking a diagnosis
  • you've been newly diagnosed with ADHD and you're wondering “What next?”
  • you've been diagnosed for years but still feel unclear as to how to best lean into your strengths professionally or personally
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The course includes:

  1. ADHD 101

    • What even is ADHD? What is neurodivergence? Why is ADHD commonly overlooked in women and girls?

  2. "Wait, that's ADHD, too?" interactive self-discovery checklist

  3. "Women & ADHD Unofficial Self-Test" interactive & printable quiz, featuring more than 60 questions for self-exploration

  4. Your ADHD Treatment Plan, Part 1: Seeking a Diagnosis

    • Where do I start? Do I even need a diagnosis? Who can diagnose me?

    • "What to bring to your first appointment" interactive & printable checklist​

  5. Your ADHD Treatment Plan, Part 2: What next?

    • "My ADHD Treatment Plan" interactive & printable worksheet
    • "7 Stages of Your ADHD Adult Diagnosis" interactive quiz​
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After completing this course: 

  • You'll have printable worksheets to bring with you to your next appointment

  • You'll have a treatment plan template that can be updated as you change and grow

  • You'll have a deeper understanding of ADHD and how to embrace it in your own life as you build yourself a toolkit for your own life!​

Are you ready to take the step to better understanding and harnessing your incredible strengths — and finally appreciating yourself for the magical, weird, wonderful being that you are?

I'm excited to join you on this journey — let's do it!

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"Katy has designed this course perfectly for the ADHD brain. I feel guided, supported, and given the resource tools to approach my ADHD in many directions."


"This is a wonderful course. I intuitively knew it would be … Thank you for the time you put into it!"


“This course has affirmed that I'm on the right path. It's given me the opportunity to journal and helped me focus. I'm sure I will be revisiting this many times over the coming weeks!”


“Really useful! It was helpful to be able to access the elements in my own time and at my own pace. Thank you!”


“Knowing the 'why' behind my need for certain structures is exactly what I needed. I would recommend this course to anyone who struggles with understanding their neurodivergency.”


“Love this simple course for helping women who suspect they have ADHD as well as newly diagnosed women with ADHD navigate the early stages of their diagnosis. Brilliant!”


“I have a better idea of what ADHD is, the characteristics of ADHD, and that I don't necessarily need a medical diagnosis. I would recommend this course to any woman with ADHD —especially those who are unsure of how to start (who probably were diagnosed later in life).”