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Women & ADHD
Book club

Returning in January 2023! Join Katy for this accountability & support group as we read and complete the workbook entries in A Radical Guide for Women with ADHD by Sari Solden & Michelle Frank. 

We meet 4 times online (via Zoom) to review the chapters & complete the assignments, followed by optional sharing and reflections with the group. Attend some or all of the 4 live sessions for real-time reflection and conversation, or watch the recordings at your convenience.


Digital Reading


I've found it nourishing and affirming to be in a 'room' with other women who truly get it! I really appreciate having this space.

Book Club


Book club was one of the first experiences where I didn't feel I had to 'be impressive' or perform in order to be liked. Thankful for this community of welcoming neurodivergent friends!

Portrait with a Book


I loved the format of following a workbook but having specific sections to discuss in the group. This has been such an important step in my identity journey.