Women & ADHD Book Club

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Join Katy for this accountability & support group as we read and complete the workbook entries in A Radical Guide for Women with ADHD by Sari Solden & Michelle Frank. 

We meet 4 times online (via Zoom) to review the chapters & complete the assignments, followed by optional sharing and reflections with the group. Attend some or all of the 4 live sessions for real-time reflection and conversation, or watch the recordings at your convenience.

This book club is open to any adults who identify as women or were socialized as girls, and have been formally diagnosed with ADHD or are self-diagnosed with ADHD.

COST: $74.99 *

* price does NOT include the workbook. Click here to purchase the workbook.

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Praise for book club:

“Such a validating, inspiring journey to be on together! It’s been game changing!

“The book lives up to the hype! There really was something extra added by doing it with a group and I loved getting to know the other people. Truly felt like magic when we came together!"

“This has been a gift.
Thank you for changing my life!”

“I’ve found it nourishing and affirming to be in a ‘room’ with other women who truly get it! I really appreciate having this space.”

“I loved the format of following a workbook but having specific sections to discuss in the group. This has been such an important step in my identity journey.

“Book club was one of the first experiences where I didn’t feel I had to ‘be impressive’ or perform in order to be liked. Thankful for this community of welcoming neurodivergent friends!

“I loved connecting with other women with ADHD. My experiences felt seen, heard, and validated. Thank you for providing the space for it.”

“I really, really loved the small groups. It was so great to connect with other women of different ages and backgrounds experiencing life similarly to me and that was very validating.”

More than once my face hurt from smiling and laughing in agreement with other women’s stories. It is such a relief to be somewhere you can be yourself. After book club sessions, I feel lighter, and I feel hope. Thank you.”