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April 2023:


Movement for Neurodivergent Thinkers


When: Sunday, April 23 @ 3 pm ET (Click here to calculate your time zone)

Cost: Included with membership in the Women & ADHD Online Community 

We know movement and exercise are great for neurodivergent brains, but many of us struggle to establish a manageable, consistent routine!

That's why we're thrilled to be hosting certified personal trainer Marnie Bothmer who will be offering tips on how to incorporate more consistent movement in your life, reduce shame, increase confidence, and enhance your performance!


This live workshop & Q&A is FREE for all members of the Women & ADHD Online Community! 


Not yet a member? Come join us!


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Coming in May! 
Communicate Effectively with Your (Non-ADHD) Partner

ADHD women can often feel misunderstood and criticized by their non-ADHD partners, which can lead to feelings of shame and frustration.

Join Anita Robertson, LCSW, to discuss communicating effectively with our partners. Anita is a psychotherapist based in Austin, Texas, and the author of ADHD & Us: A Couple’s Guide to Loving and Living with Adult ADHD. Anita works with ADHD adults to make their environments ADHD-friendly: from executive functioning supports to sensory needs, and she created and facilitates the ADHD Relationship Bootcamp course to help neurodiverse couples develop new skills to improve their relationships.

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Women & ADHD Book Club

Returning soon! Join Katy for this accountability & support group as we read and complete the workbook entries in A Radical Guide for Women with ADHD by Sari Solden & Michelle Frank. Click here for more information

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