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About the Women & ADHD podcast

A late diagnosis turned her world upside down.

Curious if other women had a similar experience, Katy Weber set out to find others who discovered they have ADHD in adulthood and are finally feeling like they understand who they are and how to best lean into their strengths, both professionally and personally.

Tune in each week as Katy interviews brilliant women with ADHD who are cracking the code to this exceptional trait, while thriving in their businesses and at home.

This neurodivergence isn’t just for hyperactive little boys anymore!

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Women & ADHD is ranked among the top 0.5% of all podcasts globally, and we have a community of over 150,000 people across social media platforms.

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About Katy

Katy Weber is an ADHD advocate & coach, founder of Women & ADHD, LLC, and author of the book Worth It: A Journey to Food & Body Freedom.

She is currently pursuing an MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

Diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 45, she’s made it her mission to help neurodivergent women learn to love their brains and live a more fulfilling, gratifying life!

As host and producer of the top-rated Women & ADHD podcast, Katy draws from her nearly 20 years experience as a print journalist, having worked as an editor and designer for newspapers such as The Wall Street Journal, The Daily News, and Metro International, as well as Hudson Valley Parent magazine.


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