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Worth It:

A Journey to Food & Body Freedom

Six Essential Steps to Ditching the Diets & Nourishing Your Body From the Inside Out

By Katy Weber

Raise your hand if…

  • You’re really good with your diet for a few days, then inexplicably sabotage your own efforts
  • You fear having certain foods in the house because you feel you lack the self-control to avoid them
  • You feel like everyone but you has this whole eating thing figured out and you want to scream, “What is wrong with me?!”

Guess what. You are not alone! In Worth It, Katy Weber shares her own history with yo-yo dieting and binge eating, how she finally broke free, and the 6 essential steps that brought her to food and body freedom. It’s time to change your perspective about your body, your health, and your self-worth.


Praise for Worth It

“Katy weaves a relatable personal narrative about her own relationship with food and weight with digestible summaries of some critical aspects of the non-diet approach. Referencing some of the greatest thought leaders in this space — including Linda Bacon, Ellyn Satter, and others — this book reads like a juicy memoir with self-help benefits. If you’re still struggling with dieting, you will definitely see yourself in this book ... and hopefully, a path to another way of living."

— Isabel Foxen Duke, anti-diet coach and emotional-eating expert

"Worth It: A Journey to Food & Body Freedom is essential reading for anyone who’s spent most of their life losing weight in a succession of diets and “lifestyles” and feeling like a failure when their body’s survival imperative becomes too strong a force to ignore, and the weight comes right back... There are tons of diet books out there — this is not one of them. Worth It is designed to help people get off the crazy train of yo-yo dieting and learn to enjoy food and trust their bodies, and it succeeds brilliantly at that task. It’s most highly recommended."

– 5-star review by Jack Magnus for Readers Favorite

Worth It is 130 pages of recovery, truth, and evidence-based expertise about how and why overcoming chronic dieting will provide you with liberation in your life. The author has done an exceptional job at inviting you in to her experiences and weaving in facts throughout the entire book about the dangers of weight-focus and how to move toward freedom from dieting.  This is a fantastic read for anyone who struggles with eating and body image.”

— Sumner Brooks, MPS, RDN, LD, author of Savvy Girl: A Guide to Eating