Learn how to love your brain and live a more fulfilling, gratifying life!

If you’re ready to find connection with other ADHD women, gain clarity about how your incredible brain best operates, and get “unstuck”  — then Women & ADHD small group coaching is for you!

What you'll get:

  1. Connection, support, and friendship with other incredible women with ADHD

  2. A greater understanding of who you are and what settings and structures help you best operate

  3. Goal setting, intention setting & accountability with peers, articulating what you most need as a woman with ADHD, and how to get there.

Led by Coach Morgan, you'll be carving out the space and time for the kind of connection and fellowship we crave as women with ADHD. During these sessions, you will have the chance to help yourselves and each other identify obstacles & create strategies to help you lean into your strengths and finally feel unstuck! More about Morgan

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 Each program includes:

  • 5 weekly online 90-min group sessions with no more than 6 women with ADHD*

  • ongoing online support and accountability

  • optional 90-min 1:1 strategy session with Morgan (additional cost)

* These groups are open to all adults who identify as women or were socialized as girls, and are either formally diagnosed or self-diagnosed with ADHD.

New 2024 dates added!

Wednesdays @ 3-4:30 pm PT

January 10, 17, 24, 31, February 7

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Thursdays at 8:30-10 am PT

February 1, 8, 15, 22, & 29

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I absolutely love Morgan's fiery no-bull$#!% passion when she spots ableist crap that needs to be called out & that we really should not have to put up with. On top of Morgan's great knowledge and understanding of ADHD brains, she is also super likable and funny.

I'm happy to recommend Women & ADHD small group coaching to anyone who is thinking about it. It was a huge inspirational and motivational help to me. Being able to hear from and talk to others going through the same or similar situations was/is very empowering. Such a great space to share how you are feeling, what things might be helpful, and to just connect. Very thankful to have met our group members and Katy and Morgan — I highly recommend!!

The money I spent on the small group coaching was money well-spent. I have had zero seconds of regret! Morgan has a ton of insight into the workings of ADHD brains and shares these in a clear, easily accessible ADHD friendly format.

I have not had ADHD therapy or coaching before joining this group, and I am very glad I did. I wish the series went for longer, as I felt like I had found my tribe. Morgan is so warm and welcoming and it was such a safe place to be myself at last. I am so thankful for having met these beautiful people, and the workshop takeaways were practical, useful PDFs that I can revisit and refer to 😊. I didn't want it to end!

I can't say enough wonderful things about being part of Morgan's small coaching group. Morgan is funny, insightful, deeply caring, and gifted at creating community. The group provided an oasis where we could show up as our authentic selves and share, learn, and explore how an ADHD diagnosis has impacted our lives. The power of knowing you are not alone can be transformative, at least it was for me. I highly recommend joining a small coaching group for anyone seeking a nurturing community for self-discovery and personal growth.