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late diagnosis turned her world upside down.

Join Katy Weber each week as she interviews other women who discovered they have ADHD in adulthood and are finally feeling like they understand who they are and how to best lean into their strengths, both professionally and personally.

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Brooke Schnittman: Navigating underwhelm and building momentum Nov 27, 2023


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“You try to accommodate and please everyone and it ends up biting you in the ass because you're the one who suffers.”

Brooke is a compassionate ADHD coach who has worked alongside ADHDers and their families since 2006. However, Brooke herself...

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McCall Letterle: Qbtech and rethinking how we diagnosis ADHD Nov 13, 2023


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“With the long waiting lists, patients are losing years of their life or their education going undiagnosed and untreated, even if they’ve been identified and gotten into the system.”

McCall is Qbtech’s Head of Commercial Operations - North...

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Terry Matlen: Sensory sensitivity and the queen of distraction Nov 06, 2023


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“I had significant anxiety as a child. I had school phobia, I didn't want to go to school. I had no idea it was related to undiagnosed, untreated ADHD.”

Terry Matlen, LMSW, ACSW, is a psychotherapist, author, consultant, coach, and an internationally...

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