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late diagnosis turned her world upside down.

Join Katy Weber each week as she interviews other women who discovered they have ADHD in adulthood and are finally feeling like they understand who they are and how to best lean into their strengths, both professionally and personally.

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Yasemin Bahar: Intersex, ADHD & life outside the binary Feb 12, 2024


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“One of the great things about being neurodivergent is thinking outside the box and questioning things. When you're told ’2 + 2 = 4,’ you ask why. Why is it not 5?”

Yasemin is a female-assigned intersex person living in Turkey. They have...

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Cynthia Hammer: Inattentive ADHD & the importance of early detection Feb 05, 2024


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“Why are we being diagnosed at 50 with a condition we’ve had since birth? We need better ways to diagnose it sooner.”

Cynthia was diagnosed with inattentive ADHD in 1992 when she was 49. At the time, she thought she was the only adult in...

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Heather Jean Ransom: Chronic pain, spoons & burnout Jan 29, 2024


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“It feels so detached when I say ‘I have ADHD’ because it is part of me. I can't discern it from myself. I am ADHD.”

Heather Jean was born in England and now lives in Germany with her husband and two daughters. She was diagnosed last year...

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